Today, "Bembi" is the largest factory in Ukraine for producing clothing for children from 0 to 13 years. "Bembi" is a brand with more than 25 years of history in the market. By creating 1000 models per year, we offer the broadest range of newborns' and kids' clothes. Our production facilities are equipped with the latest equipment, occupying approximately 5250 m2.

We constantly evolve and grow by expanding into new markets and following global trends. Our work principles - responsibility, honesty, and constant desire to change and develop - help build harmonious relationships with partners, consumers, and employees.

We position our product as a benchmark for children's clothing Made In Ukraine, always focusing on the company's motto - "Bembi - clothes for happy children".

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Our Advantages
Market presence
since 1998
More than 3500 models
in 40 different groups
Constant updating of the assortment
Our clothing is made on the modern equipment according to the GOST standards
Making clothing for children with love and care for them, their safety and comfort
Attractive prices
and generous discounts
Presence in Poland, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Croatia, Germany, France, Canada, the Republic of Lebanon
Our products are certified in Ukraine and other countries